Venting… B’Ivrit

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Sukkot at Harvard Div

Chag sameach tribe! I’ve stopped and started a million + 1 posts to share with you the wonderful world of divinity school yet…here we are.  I’ve decided instead of trying to recount everything up until this point I’m just going to throw you into my mad world –head first.

I need to vent.

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Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t the Only SJP.

copy_of_anti_semitic_2_xlarge-350x230Sigh. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) crashed a march/rally/protest intended for issues happening at the City University of New York system and used it as a platform to shout a lot of anti-semitic bull sh-t. This took place outside of my beloved Hunter College last week.

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The Student Tovah


Hebrew is grueling ללמוד. Perhaps learning any language at the age of 34 (shaloshim Arbaah) would prove as challenging but this language from an English speaker’s perspective seems particularly challenging.

My first level of Ulpan is coming to a close and אני מרגיש that I still know zip. I know I am being hard on myself as there have been a few proud milestones: I can make my way slowly through a sentence with some comprehension and I have mastered my Borat impersonation…but I thought it would be easier. I know, I know, I know. Continue reading “The Student Tovah”

Great Success!

Tel Aviv public library

Day h’yom ha shlee sheee or something like that of my time in Israel. I learned that saying your 3rd day here was similar to the days of the week.

I spent my morning at the Israel Discount Bank which disappointingly offers no actual discounts. My trusty, hot Israeli man came with me in order to translate and pave the wave for my overly enthusiastic and friendly American demeanor. During our meeting with the banker I randomly sounded out words on signs and cheered when I understood such words as shem (name). I’m sure it was annoying to those around me but I didn’t care and they appeared amused. In a few days I will have my first bank card outside of the USA…this is great as I have 200 shekels left to my name along with a few rubles from the Moscow airport. #progress. Continue reading “Great Success!”