Marching  with New Yorkers against the immigration and refugee bans.

I’m exhausted and it’s only February. 2017 has already proved overwhelming. Between Trump protests, carrying around a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton, marches, online debates, and school work, I’ve had little time to post…although I have been keeping up with Shiksa-ism’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence (so follow me already!). Continue reading “Community”


Go Hawks!

image1 (2).JPGI have started what is hopefully my final year of undergrad (please note this should’ve happened 16 years ago…)! Continue reading “Go Hawks!”

When We All Get Together

I had the opportunity to cover a story for The Villager, a weekly community paper in New York City about an interfaith music event in the East Village. Continue reading “When We All Get Together”

When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?

Apparently I am aging at a far rapid pace than I have previously acknowledged. Continue reading “When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?”

5775- The Year of…

It is not only important but crucial that we reflect on the ups, downs and all-arounds of our year as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur approach. So here are the “cliff-notes” version to life in 5775; the year I… Continue reading “5775- The Year of…”

The Fish Snake

I find myself astounded when somebody doesn’t know who Hadag Nahash are. C’mon people The FISH SNAKE…who doesn’t know of this super famous band? Apparently most of the world outside the Middle East.

I suppose I should lower my fanbase expectations afterall up until 2 minutes ago I thought their name translated to “The IMG_1182 Fish and the Snake”…nope wrong it is just Fish Snake. #UlpanFailure . Continue reading “The Fish Snake”

The Unbreakable Boboh!

safe and sound

It’s a miracle! A friend of mine prayed for Boboh’s safe return at the Kotel in Jerusalem yesterday and guess what….Boboh was found hours later behind some sheets of dry wall near my apartment building. He was missing for 48 hours. Thank you for your well wishes! Continue reading “The Unbreakable Boboh!”