Marching  with New Yorkers against the immigration and refugee bans.

I’m exhausted and it’s only February. 2017 has already proved overwhelming. Between Trump protests, carrying around a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton, marches, online debates, and school work, I’ve had little time to post…although I have been keeping up with Shiksa-ism’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence (so follow me already!). Continue reading “Community”


I Ordered a…

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-34-25-pmI ordered a life-size cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton. This should be an indicator that the last few weeks have been rough but a possible new Instagram account is being created.   Continue reading “I Ordered a…”

5777 Here I Come!

IMG_4882.jpgShana Tova! I predict that 5777 is going to be a helluvah year.

It has been ages since my last post, however Shisksa*ism has been going strong on Facebook and Instagram…so please check it out and “like” it…or whatever the appropriate term is. I feel like I have been sucked into the “Upside Down” due to my school commitments.  Continue reading “5777 Here I Come!”


10339567_10152452385715280_5406210322134816053_nCheck out MY FIRST essay has been published by “Jewcy.”

Super, duper, triple  psyched to share some of my dating adventures as a  Jewish convert.








IMG_2726.jpg I was genuinely excited to find out there was a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Prospect Heights -not too far from where I live in Brooklyn. It sounded like the perfect kick-off to Orthodox conversion shul shopping.

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