Chriss of Rainy Day Cambridge

mezuzah is up

I’ve spent the past hour looking at the various recreational sporting clubs I might be able to take part of during my time at Harvard. Next to me sits a pile of golden “reminder” post-it notes that have actual events of consequence that I need to keep up with…playing out my ice hockey fantasy is not one of them.

Sigh.  Continue reading “Chriss of Rainy Day Cambridge”


NEW york

snowy home

I am officially vacationed OUT…which sounds like a “1st world problem” to the nth degree. Since December 22nd I’ve been in California visiting my parents (for the Christmas holiday) and reconnecting with some of my very best friends in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. It has been a delightfully indulgent experience to say the least but I am ready to head home. Continue reading “NEW york”

Israel in Pittsburgh

Medusa bagI’ve been visiting one of my best friends and her family in lovely (yes…it really is!) Pittsburgh for the past week.   Continue reading “Israel in Pittsburgh”



I shouldn’t be stuck. I should have everything figured out by now as I am almost 35 years old…right?

This is not a new feeling for me but I wanted this time in Israel to be a “time out” to think and make concrete decisions about what it is I want to do in life career wise and alas I am still stuck albeit slightly more relaxed. Continue reading “Stuck”

Side Note.

game face.
Game face.

Change is hard. Really hard. You can only go around in circles so many times before you become completely discombobulated. I had to try something new and January 2015 proved to be perfect timing to take an extended vacation in the land o’holy. I had met a great man in New York City who lives in Tel Aviv, contractually my job was coming to an end and I wanted to travel to see, taste and feel the “Jewish Homeland” that I have heard so many stories about (biblical and…not). So that is what I did. Continue reading “Side Note.”

Chillin in the ‘Viv’.

IMG_1094While my fellow New Yorkers are playing in the snow…I am chilling on a beach facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is slightly chilly which means Israelis are dressed up like Eskimos…but as it is at least 50 degrees warmer than my usual January experience so it feels like summer time (almost). Continue reading “Chillin in the ‘Viv’.”

Day Journey to Jerusalem – part 1

Enroute to the Old City
Enroute to the Old City

The Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv makes the Port Authority bus terminal in NYC look like a glistening church.  If you like cheap hooker clothes sold indoors by chain smoking men and the feeling that at any moment you could be taken hostage, raped or sold into slavery…you will love this station. This being said they do have a bus (with WIFI!) that goes to Jerusalem for 19 shekels. I took it.

45 minutes later as we arrived at the Jerusalem bus depot where I learned that there were kosher McDonalds. Aside from this learning moment I felt unexpectedly emotional. Had I really arrived in the Holy Land? Continue reading “Day Journey to Jerusalem – part 1”

Yaffo, Mike & Eilat.

Study place.Sunday my new Monday. I am sitting at the bar called Mike’s Place. Surreal.  Last year one of my best friends dragged me to a screening of a documentary called “Blues by the Beach”  about a suicide bombing that happened here in 2003 that sadly killed three people and injured around 50.  Sad. Doesn’t seem like this bar would be a target but I have a feeling that the USA Embassy next door perhaps made it an ideal location. Continue reading “Yaffo, Mike & Eilat.”

Great Success!

Tel Aviv public library

Day h’yom ha shlee sheee or something like that of my time in Israel. I learned that saying your 3rd day here was similar to the days of the week.

I spent my morning at the Israel Discount Bank which disappointingly offers no actual discounts. My trusty, hot Israeli man came with me in order to translate and pave the wave for my overly enthusiastic and friendly American demeanor. During our meeting with the banker I randomly sounded out words on signs and cheered when I understood such words as shem (name). I’m sure it was annoying to those around me but I didn’t care and they appeared amused. In a few days I will have my first bank card outside of the USA…this is great as I have 200 shekels left to my name along with a few rubles from the Moscow airport. #progress. Continue reading “Great Success!”

Chriss Does Tel Aviv-Day 2: Part 1

Boker Tov! IMG_0330

Well I wanted an adventure and it seems like I got one…I am writing from Tel Aviv, Israel!

I was afraid that Tel Aviv would feel like New York City with the added bonus of Hebrew and hot Israeli eye candy. I was wrong…very wrong. Yes, there are a lot of people (albeit good looking) and yes, it is a city…but no it does not feel like home (which I am grateful for in many ways as I DID want a new environment). I arrived late late Monday night and spent Tuesday sleeping and walking around the Shuk and some other places that I have no idea the name of. Continue reading “Chriss Does Tel Aviv-Day 2: Part 1”